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Dinosaur Marketing

I have been a marketer for 15 + years. I say 15 + because calculating an actual number to the date I started may require carbon dating! I was a performer in bands playing nightclubs, and marketing back then involved grabbing everyone’s address and phone number in a notebook between sets on my break. I would work with the crowd, build relationships and subscribe them to the band newsletter that we sent by snail mail (direct mail marketing) once a month. The newsletter was your favorite band member, behind-the-scenes photos, and dates for our next gigs.

I was constantly building on our “Following.” It was necessary to have a solid following because when you went to a new popular nightclub to get a gig, the management always wanted to know how much business you could bring them. I could confidently report that we had 300 people on our mailing list, which in those days for a “top 40 band” was very good.

I’m not sure if other bands focused on marketing or not, but we did, and it made a massive difference to our wallets. Having a solid following, we could make announcements about new venues we were playing and make those who came to see us feel like a band member (one of the cool people)! Our faithful following got involved with our music, lives, and story. They saw us as people living the dream and lived theirs vicariously through us. The interaction of our followers and seeing their faces in the crowd were the only metrics we had for measuring our marketing efforts.

As computers were introduced (yes, I lived in a time where there were no computers or cell phones and was a master of what I now call “Dinosaur Marketing.”) I began taking email addresses from our followers, and we saved money because I could now send less hard copy letters and send a digital letter to those who preferred email. The method was clunky; I would send an email to myself and BCC all of our followers and then monitor their responses through replies. There was no analytics on how my emails were being received, the open and bounce rate, or whether they had been shared or read more than one time. I sent my emails out into dead air, hoping to see people’s faces in the crowd, dancing and drinking to their heart’s content the following week.

Then Email Marketing platforms were introduced, and I was in heaven! Yaay, Mailchimp and Constant Contact! I could write newsletters and schedule them, which now saved me money and time! More people were converting to email over hard copy mail, so I had to send out fewer letters, and we began to save a few trees (you can’t forget the trees!).

Technology has evolved tremendously since those days. I still use Mailchimp and Constant Contact, though. Businesses and organizations may not know this, but email marketing is as alive today as ever! Hubspot says, “Email marketing remains one of the most important and effective ways for your business to connect with customers and build lasting relationships with them. (Source:” I agree. They also say, “Roughly 80% of marketers have reported an increase in email engagement over the past 12 months. (HubSpot, 2020) (Source:” And that number is continuously growing.

So here we are in 2022, and I am no longer a performer, but I am still a marketer. After all of these years, there is still tremendous value in telling your brand story, engaging your following, and taking them along for your journey. I use newsletters to directly connect with people interested in getting to know my services and provide an opportunity to develop a relationship. Its fun coming up with content to educate and celebrate with my following, and today there is analytics that helps me understand my followings engagement so that I can streamline and provide them quality content that will help them have the best user experience online, in their inbox and through my services and products in their business.

My blog tells my marketing story. Read along and see how marketing has evolved through the years while I have taught myself to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape.

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