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Flying Above the Clouds

It’s been a long time since I’ve flown; the last time was to NY with Sabrina. That was back in 2018. I have been in isolation, my safe, controllable cocoon, for so long I have become jumpy riding in the car with someone besides me in the driver’s seat. I had been dreading this flight since we booked it; however, it’s an excellent little practice run for the mammoth adventure Zoë, and I will be taking to NZ on July 10th. I’m mainly afraid of not being in control when someone else drives, or I’m flying on a glorified bus. The flights to Nashville only take a few hours total. I said my usual prayers as we taxied down the runway with the sun reflecting off the wing outside the window into my eyes. The tarmac warm and hazed with exhaust fumes. Zoë points out every little detail as we prepare for take-off and ascend into the great blue yonder. Marc Bussard played in my ears, “take me home ooh oh oam” it’s a soothing sound. Nestled between the arms of Paul and Zoë, I’m in my happy place, snuggled against the people I love. On the ground or in the air. I read my book, look at the miniature world below me, dream of surfing on the rolling clouds, eat my biscotti and wash it down with ice-cold orange juice. I don’t mind wearing my face mask for the entire trip. I take comfort in the thought of being protected from germs circulated through the air vents above me. With or without Covid, I think of airplanes as flying germ jars. Paul watches a movie next to me, blocking out everyone around him. Zoë plays piano tiles on her phone with fingers that appear to fly at the speed of sound. In a blur of music and rectangular moving tiles, she focuses, and time passes quickly. We begin our descent, and my ears pop but not enough to hear clearly; I forgot to bring gum and will have to repeatedly plug my nose and blow to pop the air bubbles behind my eardrums. I am looking forward to seeing our family friends in Nashville. We haven’t seen Momo for a year. Tomorrow we head to Tim’s Ford, where we will be guests of the Satterfield’s on the lake. There will be no wifi, so the weekend is wide open for uninterrupted human bonding. I am an anxious flyer; however, the thought of the hugs and adventures on the other end of the ride makes it all worth it.


I have had a wonderfully colorful life, rich with varied experiences. My ability as a singer and career as an administrative assistant/marketing communications manager; have presented me with a wide range of opportunities. I have been fortunate to work with and learn from some accomplished and intelligent business owners, executives and artists. I have explored the world, markets and non-profits I would have never dreamed of exploring. I started out performing in community theater then professionally in night clubs and working as a studio vocalist at the age of 12 in Naples Florida, my home town. My vocal studies began at the age of 8 with my mother who gave me my first vocal lessons. I have had the opportunity to learn with some talented vocal coaches since those lessons with my mother. With them I developed the ability to sing Classical, Jazz and Pop; which allowed me to make a living in the music industry for over 30 years, in America, Europe and NZ. I became proficient in handling the business end of performing and teaching and developed administrative skills that would be used more prominently later on in my life, which I cover further down in this piece. I managed all my own performance bookings and began promoting myself as an up and coming singer, beating the pavement in Nashville TN and learned how to sell my talents in a place where everyone and their mother can sing. Performing in front of large audiences has forced me to be more than skilled at holding my own. I have also been a studio singer and voice over artist, taught choir and private lessons and was the president of a local non-profit music school in NZ for 3 years. Once my husband and I began a family, my career focus shifted more to assisting others in their businesses, along with marketing and often selling their products. I took on the roles of Sales, Marketing Communications and Administrative Assistant full time. Environments where I have worked in these capacities have varied. The most joy I find in my career is having the ability to tap into my creative side where I have been encouraged to indulge in my love for creative and copy writing, both personally and for professionally. I worked in our own residential and commercial playground company and for a Website development/social media management company and cherished watching the birth of our new products become known to the public and seeing our client base grow. I have developed the skill for marketing and promoting products and services through the written word, but I am also a strong and persuasive sales person face to face. We moved from NZ where we had been for 12 yrs, back to Naples Florida in 2015. I took the position as the Administrative Assistant to the Pastor, at the church I grew up in. In my position there I used every skilled I had acquired over my lifetime, from administrative to performing as a vocalist/worship leader. I am a passionate employee and business woman and find it easy to fully immerse myself in my work while still finding joy in the day to day, what I do and the people in my life. My passions are still singing, promoting, creative writing, encouraging others to pursue their dreams while achieve their goals and being outdoors. I love my hometown of Naples and take advantage of all the beauty and outdoor opportunities it has to offer on a regular basis. Being an active person I work best when on the move and busy, socializing and intellectually stimulated. I also thrive in a situation where I have the opportunity to continue learning new skills. I work on being the best version of myself and strive to give it my best shot every day.

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